Benefits of a GSE Solution for your airline

  • Professional organisation of repair and maintenance (R&M) for improved on-time-performance
  • A properly sized, standardised and safe GSE fleet mix to optimize the total cost of ownership
  • Guaranteed availability to improve flights punctuality
  • Increase operational efficiency through a properly sized fleet
  • Avoid concerns related to business transitions through one solution for flexible and reliable GSE
  • Follow your GSE fleet through dedicated web portal and dashboard
  • Wide network of workshops and spare parts to quickly resolve breakdowns
  • Use of a proprietary IT system for equipment monitoring and reporting
  • Visibility on GSE related costs to decrease damages, improve forecasts of GSE use and allocation
  • Agility and rapid fleet flexibility to meet upward or downward fluctuations in activity

Fleet sale and rent back

TCR has extensive experience in the purchase of large GSE fleets, and following in-depth analysis of critical GSE data, will rent back to you only the equipment that is really necessary for optimal operations.

Fleet sale and rent back core principles


Airline innovation and experience

TCR is dedicated to the GSE business, backed by 20 years of global expertise to ensure that airlines can concentrate on their core business, whilst benefitting from the availability of GSE, guaranteed by Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Fleet management, including reporting tools and Telematics, support fleet optimisation in compliance with airport regulations, to help airlines meet their Just-In-Time requirements.

A continuous drive for innovation and safety at TCR ensures every airline always has the most up-to-date, safe and up-to-standard GSE.

We chose TCR because they were able to hire our staff, had a good knowledge of GSE and had a professional management

CEO, airline

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