Safe Work environment and services

TCR cares about people and rates Health and Safety a priority over all other aspects of its business activities. We believe that good Health and Safety is good business, that safety is everybody’s responsibility and it doesn’t stop at our workshops.

TCR regards health and safety matters as a mainstream management responsibility, we aim to develop strong safety leaders. Executives and managers are directly responsible for health and safety matters in operations under their control.

With Just Culture principles TCR strives to create a positive safety culture where everyone takes ownership and participate actively to achieve a harm free work environment and continuous improvement of our safety performance.

I sleep better now because I know safety issues are under control thanks to TCR

CEO, airline


Safety in TCR’s workshops

  • Safety in the workshops starts with the involvement and participation of all workers, this is done through frequent toolbox sessions, safety trainings, safety committees and safety campaigns
  • TCR aims to implement international best practices, provide qualitative tooling and modern facilities to ensure adequate resources are available allowing our people to perform their tasks safely
Health & Safety Policy.
Airport Security Policy.
Code of Conduct.
TCR’s Safety equipment.


Ensuring safe GSE

  • An effective preventive maintenance program ensuring TCR’s GSE is in safe and operational condition and aiming at optimising GSE availability
  • A team of experts analysing new trends and technologies on the market to improve safety of the GSE and its users
  • A maintenance program compliant to IATA’s Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) standard