Given TCR’s vast experience in the world of GSE, more and more stakeholders around the globe are requesting advice on various GSE issues, which we categorise within 3 areas:

Fleet Management


  • Appropriately size the fleet based on current & future needs
  • Optimize asset distribution across locations considering seasonality
  • Standarize GSE specifications subject to various constraints
  • Fleet performance reporting
  • Define replacement plan & budget of fleet
  • Perform quality audit & valuation of fleet

Repair & Maintenance


  • Define refurbishment plan and budget for current fleet
  • Manage the set-up or transition of GSE R&M workshops
  • Design optimal lay-out of GSE R&M workshops and size manpower
  • Optimize GSE spare parts levels and management
  • OHSE audit & improvement plan

Telematics & Pooling


  • Develop telematics road map and budget
  • Appropriately size the fleet and quantify potential gains using flight schedules handled by participants
  • Define the optimal pooling set-up by quantifying various pooling scenarios: per airport, terminal or stand for one or all GSE families
  • Optimize GSE localization before the deployment of pooled GSE
  • Define carbon footprint of a GSE fleet

Answering your strategic GSE questions

TCR’s core GSE business is built on 20+ years of experience in the complex and Just-In-Time ground handling world. Traditionally, TCR’s GSE expertise was shared only with existing customers who requested support to start operations in new territories or new airports.

Fortunately today, other aviation stakeholders across the globe can also benefit from our GSE Advisory services. Each situation is different, each customer is unique. How can TCR support you?

  • Enhancing fleet management through fleet sizing to reduce congestion and increase safety?
  • Benefitting from the latest innovation developments, such as safer ramp equipment?
  • Staying compliant with new and changing regulations?
  • Increasing sustainability by reducing the CO² foot print?

TCR is knowledgeable about GSE and helps us choosing new equipment. They even involve us in testing new equipment and new brands

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