Sustainable Aviation: Unravelling the Decarbonization Puzzle


In this engaging podcast episode, host Chris Notter welcomes Kristof Philips, the Chief Commercial Officer from TCR Group, to delve into the complex world of decarbonization in the aviation industry. The conversation revolves around the pressing need to reduce carbon footprints and the misconceptions surrounding the notion of decarbonization.

TCR podcast -Electrification

Kristof begins by emphasizing that decarbonization extends far beyond simply electrifying fleets. While electrification is a popular approach, it is essential to explore alternative solutions like hydrogen and sustainable aviation fuels to achieve significant reductions in carbon emissions.

The podcast addresses the challenges posed by the first-come, first-served mentality in adopting electrification. Without a strategic plan and a collaborative effort from all stakeholders, there is a risk of excessive investment in infrastructure and a failure to reach carbon zero targets.

The discussion highlights the need for the aviation community to come together, including airlines, airports, handlers, and OEMs, to find common solutions for decarbonization. Airports alone cannot solve the problem and a unified effort is essential.

Throughout the episode, he emphasizes the practical complexities of implementing electrification in the aviation sector. From compatibility issues with battery management systems to the training required for technicians to work on these new assets, the challenges demand careful consideration.

The podcast ends on a positive note, emphasizing the importance of sharing experiences and learning from failures to make progress in the decarbonization journey. With sincere efforts, collaboration, and a focus on finding the most suitable solutions, the aviation industry can make significant strides toward a greener and more sustainable future.