Innovation, underpinned by a continuous commitment to safety, plays a central role in every aspect of TCR’s business.

Our dedicated Innovation department, itself a centre of excellence, also partners with customers and related industry experts, and is involved in multiple innovation development initiatives.

TCR is a leader in GSE rental solutions and knows that to keep this competitive advantage and meet customer challenges and expectations for ramp activities, we always need to think ahead.


Two GSE sectors are particularly under TCR’s innovation spotlight:


TCR invests substantially in digitalisation, through its Innovation and Analytics department. Thanks to the Telematics solution developed by TCR and its partners, combined with the highest standard IT systems, TCR is able to generate and process a massive amount of data.

The results are made available to customers and TCR is currently experimenting further with the use of Artificial Intelligence to get even more information from this data. This will generate high value for TCR customers, especially in identifying new savings and availability drivers.

TCR is aware of the latest developments in the GSE market

Executive, handling company


In line with TCR’s own environmental focus and the general market move towards greener transport solutions, we are working to improve and further implement efficient GSE electrification.

Electrification drivers

  • Reduce CO2 emissions (ethical and regulatory)
  • Improve energy cost efficiencies

Electrification challenges

  • Battery performance (autonomy and charging)
  • Airport charging capacities
  • Electricity cost efficiencies