3×3 Strategy for Sustainability

At TCR, we give real meaning to our ESG commitment. Therefore, we have developed our “3×3 Strategy for Sustainability “, to ensure that this commitment reflects
in all aspects of our business.

Our strategy is based on gathering ideas, performing stakeholder consultations and assessment of industry best practices, with the aim to set forth a comprehensive action plan to work on our E-S-G impact. We’re implementing a sustainability strategy focused on 3 pillars, each with 3 main working domains that will guide us to Preserve our planet, Care for people and Safeguard integrity.

Our Sustainability Framework

This is who we are, our DNA

Our vision

To be the leading service provider of airport equipment solutions by setting tomorrow’s standards.

Our mission

To create long-lasting added value to the aviation industry
by delivering the most efficient Ground Support Equipment (GSE) services.
Our expertise enhances our customers’ operations.

Our values

We show appetite for more and better
We have fun working together

At TCR, we have a drive to accomplish great things.
We are self-motivated team players, caring for one another
and the community around us. We support each other, taking pride in the success of our colleagues and partners. We value our jobs and enjoy our professional yet informal working environment, and our direct exchanges on a first name basis.


We live by our highest moral standards
We act with respect towards all

We behave following strong ethical values. We naturally react against any action deemed dangerous, illegal or unethical.
We are fair and impartial. We respect each other and our work- life balance. We trust our partners, customers and employees, and they can trust us too.


We deliver what we promise
We are responsible of our actions

We take full ownership for our actions and decisions.
We deliver good quality on time. We take initiatives when we feel this can be a positive move for customers, the company and ourselves. We are autonomous and make sound decisions in an effective way. We understand what we do and we are hands-on. We are not afraid to take measured risks to bring business further.


We are pioneers with the flexibility to adapt
Our creativity and curiosity stimulate innovation

We are entrepreneurs with a pragmatic approach and we use our creativity to find the best solutions.
We are humble and like to learn from others.
We recognize our mistakes and learn from them. We share our knowledge with our colleagues.
We are enthusiastic about continuous improvement and encourage personal and professional development.
We understand that the world is rich with all its different people; we value this diversity and respect it.

Code of Conduct
Our ethical framework enshrines the following principles:

  • Developing the enterprising culture of TCR people in a responsible way
  • Ensuring TCR assets, existence and integrity are protected in the long term
  • Making sure that all individuals acting in the name or on behalf of TCR conduct their activities in accordance with our values, ethical requirements, laws and regulations applicable in the countries in which we are present, in order to sustain a responsible development and a positive impact

Download our Code of Conduct

Corporate and social responsibility

Creating tomorrows’ world from today onwards

TCR has ambitious goals of being a responsible and sustainable company, operating with integrity and transparency.

This report aims to provide information that is material and relevant for our stakeholders to form a view on how TCR is reducing its environmental impact and enhancing its positive contribution to the environment and society, and more generally how it performs on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters in particular.

This translates into a sustainability strategy based on 3 pillars:

  • Preserve our Planet
  • Care for People
  • Safeguard Integrity

It is TCR’s intention that these CSR concepts be integrated throughout TCR’s organization and business relationships.

Download the 2023 CSR Report here

Our philosophy for a green, sustainable future

GSE fleet selection

TCR has developed a tool which allows a green selection of each item of GSE. Low gas emissions and the global environment strongly impact our GSE purchase decisions. We also choose alternative energies such as electric equipment, whenever possible.

Maintenance activities

All our equipment is well-maintained to ensure emissions are reduced to a minimum. Our workshops adhere to the latest waste selection and energy reduction programmes.

Fleet optimisation

Our data management process ensures our GSE fleets are reduced to an absolute minimum and every item of equipment is used in the most effective way.

TCR’s business offering is itself a green solution

Leasing enables the renovation of old equipment and introduces greener technologies with attention to the overall cost of the use of GSE on the environment.

Our policy documents
CSR Report 2019.
Airport Security Policy.
Data Protection Policy.
Environmental Policy.
Health & Safety Policy.
Quality Policy.

Supplier Code of Conduct 2020

ISO Certifications at TCR
At TCR, we pride ourselves to apply the highest international Safety, Quality and Environmental standards to our services.

Our headquarters and many of our operational entities have their Safety, Quality and Environmental management systems certified to the globally recognized standards ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and 45001.

Below is an overview.
You can click on the checkboxes to download the certificates.

TCR International
TCR Australia & New Zealand
TCR France
TCR Iberica
TCR Italia
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