Whether your needs are short-term (rental) or long-term (lease), for a single motorised or non-motorised GSE, or for an entire fleet, TCR is here to give you the right support at the right time.

We value the fact that TCR is able to enlarge its rented fleet in only 4 to 5 days to answer our needs

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Leasing services

TCR has an in-depth understanding of the pressures of the complex, high-speed handling environment.


Our leasing services were developed specifically with this environment in mind, to deliver:


  • Reliable GSE when you want it
  • Flexibility and quantity variations to cope with short handling contracts
  • Transparency of costs and upfront R&M invoicing
  • High quality technical expertise
  • Reduced risk of investment
  • Tailored length of the contract

TCR is present at all critical phases of the GSE lifetime to minimise the total cost of ownership for its clients:


  • Defining the specifications and standards of the GSE to meet customer needs
  • Sourcing of GSE – TCR has reserved production slots with manufacturers
  • Financing and administrating GSE, including warranties
  • GSE use, from repair and maintenance to fleet management
  • Up to market disposal/end of lifetime management

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