GSE pooling or sharing is the supply of GSE or GSE solutions, for use by several or all independent and airline ground handlers of a specific airport.

The benefits of GSE pooling

GSE pooling reduces:


  • Congestion on the apron and subsequent improved airport capacity
  • Equipment costs per turnaround
  • Fuel consumption, environmental impact and emission waste

GSE pooling increases:


  • On-time performance (OTP) through improved quality of service
  • Overall safety standards
  • Departure punctuality and number of departures

Tailoring your pooling solution

Through GSE pooling/sharing, TCR works to reduce inefficiencies in GSE utilisation, which lead to tangible benefits in performance and the reduction of congestion at airports.

GSE pooling allows operators to achieve significant cost savings by having less equipment in place. This means that less space on an airport is required, facilitating further savings since the cost of space will only increase with ever tighter environmental regulations.

Finding the optimal pooling solution for each customer requires intensive upfront analysis and stakeholder management. TCR assists stakeholders to define and implement all of the possible configurations. The resulting pooled GSE solution is owned, managed and maintained by TCR.

When pooling is implemented, it is possible to reduce the fleet by ~20%

Executive, airport

Innovation and expertise

TCR pioneered the concept of GSE fleet pooling at Heathrow in September 2004. Since then, our pooling operations have grown year-on-year. TCR is the only player in the market with the depth of experience to manage the complexity of GSE pooling and make it work for customers with differing needs and priorities.



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