Full Service Rental is the integrated GSE solution with an all-in fee to decrease total cost of ownership in a predictable and transparent way.

We wish to keep renting GSE exclusively from TCR because of their flexibility, their capacity of reaction and their credibility

Director, handling company

TCR’s Full Service Rental includes

GSE Rental & Leasing
  • GSE selection, purchase and procurement
  • Exclusive use of GSE
  • GSE financing and transfer of GSE risk
  • Full fleet sale and rent back (only what is needed)
Maintenance & Ramp Assistance
  • Fixed state-of-the-art workshops for preventive maintenance
  • Mobile workshops for rapid on-ramp assistance
  • Spare parts management available across our wide global network
Fleet Services

Fleet services are a key pillar of our business model, which qualifies TCR as a GSE service partner with the capacity to reduce our clients’ total cost of ownership of GSE.

  • Fleet management
    Fleet sizing and mix, reporting and audit preparation, replacement analysis, Telematics
  • Risk Coverage
    Asset risk, breakdown risk insurance
  • Flexibility
    GSE stock of 6% of TCR fleet for Just-In-Time delivery, flexible GSE return options
  • Availability
    Spare parts in stock worth over 6m
  • Reliability
    Safe organisation of R&M, safety and standards compliance
  • Sourcing
    Definition of specifications, procurement and administration of transport and warranties