Fleet Management

Fleet Services are a key pillar of our business and a major contributor to TCR’s ability to reduce a client’s total cost of GSE ownership.

Extensive GSE experience and detailed information on the usage of all our equipment is critical, which is why TCR has invested in the very latest data collection and management technologies.

For each GSE item, TCR collects and retains a range of information to assist our customers and help them maintain a cost-efficient fleet.





Maintenance follow-up IT System

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Each operation made on a GSE is recorded in our system to have a complete follow-up during the entire lifetime of a GSE and to facilitate the regular airlines’ audits.


Real Time GSE Information System

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TCR’s systems are fully integrated with the Customer’s operation. This allows seamless communication with the Customer inducing rapid reaction time.

This system is proprietary and unique in the world.

Through fleet monitoring & carefully planned maintenance, TCR ensures high availability of the fleet, contractually guaranteed by SLAs.

Flexibility to meet air traffic fluctuations

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Ground handling operations require flexibility for additional flights (GSE in place in short notice) and flight reductions (need to adapt GSE cost as soon as possible).

TCR provides the best solutions to right-size the fleet.

TCR has a large, reliable network ; this is why we can offer this combined flexibility to our customers.

Readily Available Spare Parts

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TCR insures spare parts availability to quickly solve breakdowns. It benefits from the power of its network and can transfer spare parts between stations. TCR’s network is providing us with quick solutions.

Purchasing experience over supply chain network to yield direct P&L savings for customers.


TCR analytics provides regular reports supporting the customers in its daily operations and provides reporting as a tool for decision making:

  • Better control & planning of the fleet
  • Ensurance that maintenance is up-to-date & complies with safety standards
  • Traceability, highlighting the most relevant events
  • Easy overview for audit checks
  • Proactive advice to improve the fleet capacity and performance.

Our customers have full visibility on their GSE fleet, which improves the management of their operations.

Fleet Sizing and GSE selection

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TCR carries out personalised fleet sizing analyses, to make sure our customers have the optimal fleet size and GSE mix for their operations as and when needed.

TCR acknowledged expertise helps customers select the right GSE, taking into account all the local requirements.

Added value

  • Extensive centralized and local information capture and analysis from +30.000 assets on 80 different airports, all from renown OEMs.
  • Enhancement of customer support mechanisms for aircraft handling requirements, through our specific TCR approach (information share and benchmarking).
  • Planning and assistance for customers to determine required quantities of GSE, families, model… to handle their own customers with safe, state of the art  equipment.
  • Usage of the right unit for the right purpose, through constant performance monitoring of all GSE brands and types (taking into consideration the specific environment of each airport and country).

Since we started working with TCR, we have direct access to operational data on our ramp equipment through the online fleet portal that we can access at all times. We also know exactly when our GSE needs to undergo maintenance. We have no bad surprises and therefore can better plan costs related to GSE and need less equipment.

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