September 2015 - Contract signed with SAS for CPH airport. TCR is the biggest GSE supplier in Scandinavia

[02 / 09 / 2015]

In September, Scandinavian Airlines completed purchase and leaseback  agreement for all its airport equipment with TCR International.  This contract, makes of TCR the biggest GSE provider through 19 Scandinavian airports and strengthens its leading position in Europe.

The new  purchase and leaseback contract of all vehicles on Copenhagen airport with SAS Ground Handling (SGH) increases the TCR activities in the region by more than 1.800 vehicles.  TCR Denmark acquired all SGH’s GSE and integrated SGH’s 56 technicians and employees.  For this purpose, TCR will also build a brand-new 4.000 m2 workshop on CPH. 

TCR becomes SAS’ main GSE supplier (over 5.000 units) throughout most Scandinavian airports.   “We have transferred a significant structure to TCR, consisting of  8 workshops, more than 100 staff and 5.000 pieces of GSE. We have been working for more than 2 years with TCR to close this entire agreement. In our choice for TCR we valued a lot the fact that they are the world leader in terms of GSE Services, with an excellent reputation in terms of customer service as well as a responsible management of their staff. “ Kjetil Habjorg, CEO SAS Ground Handling.