Mission, Vision & Values

Our Vision

To be the leading service provider of airport equipment
solutions by setting tomorrow’s standards.


Our Mission

To create long lasting added value to the aviation industry
by delivering the most efficient Ground Support Equipment services.
Our expertise enhances our customers’ operations.


Our Values


We show appetite for more and better
We have fun together

We have a personal drive to accomplish great things. We care for each other and the community around us. We support and help each other and like to see others succeed. We are self-motivated. We have a deep interest in our jobs. We have an informal work environment. We are on first name bases.


We live by our highest moral standards
We act with respect towards all

We behave following strong ethical values. It is natural for us to react on unsafe, illegal or unethical actions. We are impartial. We treat each other in a fair way. We respect ourselves and the work-private life balance. We value honesty. We can be trusted and trust each other.


We deliver what we promise
We are responsible of our actions

We take full ownership for our actions and decisions. We deliver good quality on time. We take initiatives when we feel this can be a positive move for customers, the company and ourselves. We are autonomous and make sound decisions in an effective way. We understand what we do and we are hands-on. We are not afraid to take balanced risks to bring business further.


We are pioneers with the flexibility to adapt
Our creativity and curiosity stimulates innovation

We are entrepreneurs with a pragmatic approach and we use our creativity to find solutions. We are humble and like to learn from others. We accept mistakes and learn from them. We share our knowledge with our colleagues. We are open to develop ourselves and we stimulate the development of others. We understand that the world is rich of different people and we respect and value that.