“We believe in making a positive contribution to all the people we work with, their communities and our environment.” TCR is committed to being a responsible and sustainable company, operating with integrity and transparency. In 2012, TCR has been working with CAP Conseil to set down a framework for a CSR strategy. Seven areas have been selected where TCR particularly wants a sustainable development within CSR :

  • Organisational governance
  • Human Rights
  • Labour practices
  • Environment & energy
  • Fair operating practices
  • Consumer issues
  • Community involvement & development

It is TCR’s intention that these CSR concepts are integrated throughout the company organisation and its business relationships.



Download our Code of Conduct or Download our Environmental Policy or Download our CSR Report 2012/2015 or Download our Quality Policy 2018 or Download our Safety policy 2018 or Download our Security policy 2018 or Download our Data Protection Policy or Download our Slavery Humand Trafficking statement



GSE fleet selection : we have developed a tool which allows a green selection of each GSE. Low gas emission and its global environmental impact has a strong impact on GSE purchase decision. We also choose alternative energies as electric equipment whenever possible.

Maintenance activities : all our equipment is well-maintained to ensure emissions are reduced to a minimum. Our workshops adhere to the latest waste selection and energy reduction programs.

Fleet optimisation : our data management process ensures our GSE fleets are reduced to an absolute minimum and every item of equipment is used in the most effective way.

TCR’s business offering is itself a green solution: leasing enables to renovate old equipment and introduce greener technologies with a look at the total cost of use of GSE on the environment.